Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today I Love: What I Learned from the Month of Love

The common thread amongst many of my posts is simply that these people make me feel loved, wanted, and needed.

My own family is over 2,000 miles away.  So often, I feel so alone.  No one to help me look for a home, move, look for a car, fix things around the house, help with car troubles, help with Dr.'s appointments, pick something up at the store for you or do laundry when you are so busy you can't see straight, no one to just go get food or watch a movie can tell I've pondered a little too much over this alone business.

While no one can replace family, as they are obligated to love you, I do have the most amazing friend family in the world.  I'm convinced.  I've been accused of "collecting friends."  This may be the case.  But I have learned that as long as I love as much as I can and put that out there, all of that will come back to me ten fold.  And I need all of these people in my life.  My family is always growing, as is my heart. 

I have many, many more drafts of "Today I Love..." ready to publish.  I've decided I'll regularly publish one of these posts so that I make sure to continue letting everyone know just how much they mean to me.  I am going to live my love for all of you:-)

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Willem said...

Great Thanks, My Love to you as well Larissa. This is a coincidence I just posted on my facebook "Hi Everyone, I love you" I guess you are influencing us in a positive way.