Friday, March 23, 2012

Color Test

Your Existing Situation

Desires to be respected by others in order to gain their trust and support for her own personal gain.

Your Stress Sources

"Needs to meet people who have the same high principals and values as himself, but finds the need unfulfilled. her need to feel dominate and superior leaves her feeling isolated and does not allow for her to give freely of himself. she would like to surrender and let go, but sees that as a weakness she must not give in to. Holding back will allow her to stand out for the crowd and earn a higher status, recognized by others as unique and important."

Your Restrained Characteristics

"His desire to avoid open conflict and tension forces her to put her desires on hold, even though she is feeling restrained and uneasy."
Feels as if too many walls and obstacles are standing in her way and that she is being forced to make compromises. she needs to put her own needs on hold for the time being.

Your Desired Objective

Relies on love and friendship to bring her happiness. she is in constant need for approval and this makes her willing to help others in exchange for love and understanding. she is open to new ideas as long as they are productive and interesting.

Your Actual Problem

"Feeling unimportant in this current situation, and is looking for different conditions where she will be able to better prove her worth and importance."


miss kristen said...

My test was crap... said...

Judging from what I know of you, that sounds pretty accurate...

Larissa said...

I know, huh? And at the time when I took this, I was feeling unimportant in a situation, so that last line was like Twilight-Zoneish.