Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Am I evil because I do not like the sound of screaming babies?
I've blogged about this before.
But really, last week I heard a baby crying in my office and my co-worker excitedly said, "Is there a baby in the office?" To which I responded in a neutral tone, "Someone has a baby here." To which she immediately criticized my "attitude" about children and said I probably should never have them.
Correct me if I'm wrong, your own children are entirely different than someone else's. I have no doubt I'll want them someday, that day just isn't today.
And why yearn for something I cannot have? A baby or a family is far from being an option for me right now, so why does it even matter?


Janell said...

Anyone who likes the sound of screaming babies ought to be suspected of evil proclivities - not the other way around!

Your co-worker was also out of line for concluding that your lack of enthusiasm for a mystery, screaming baby indicates your unsuitability for motherhood.

It's your own decision as to how much you ought to yearn for or fawn over children during your single days.

When I was single I figured I had a lot more important things to focus on beyond selecting names for future progeny and cooing over bundles of babies. I think it worked out just fine that way.

Gee, I still have yet to reach the point where I really care about infants. I figure when I get there is when I'll start drawing out plans for a nursery. Though it is a fun game to take any odd names I find and link them to my husband's surname; they're not names I'd ever use but it's fun to make the husband squirm. "What do you think of Theophilus? It'd a good name, right?"

Janell said...

Eee. Let me clarify that. That should have read, "...I figured I had a lot more important things to focus on than selecting names for future progeny...". I should've proofed that.

miss kristen said...

There's a difference between seeing a cute, happy baby and wanting to hold, cuddle, and dote on them. There is ANOTHER thing with seeing (or hearing) a screaming baby and immediately feel your stress levels rising.

I'm with Keri on this. I LOVE my neice and my friend's babies. They are adorable and I love nothing more than to hold and play with them. But the baby you reference here? Yeah that's the best form of birth control in my book.

I'm totally on your side with this one sista.

Stacey Kirchner said...

I HATE the sound of others babies screaming. It actually makes me physically ill. It is TOTALLY different when they are your own. You can comfort them in your own way, and if they drive you crazy, you can move them somewhere where you can't hear them. When I hear other babies cry I just want to hold them to make them stop, but I can't because they aren't my own. Seriously, when I am at the store and hear another baby cry, I run away so I can't hear them. And I have three of my own. So tell your co-worker to mind her own business :) You're just fine!

Audra said...

Oh are totally okay. I have two of them and I still hate the sound of other people's kids. Seriously...I am not a kid person. I refuse to let people with children babysit mine because I do not want to feel like I have to reciprocate.