Thursday, September 9, 2010


I used to have a friend, we'll call her Victoria, and she kept her Secrets quite well if you know what I mean.
Victoria decided to redesign her classic collection Secrets about a year ago and I couldn't be more displeased. I've faithfully relied on her for 10+ years. I've run miles and miles without a single desire to pull her Secrets apart from my assets. She has such delectable taste in design, but I have attempted 12 of her new Secrets, 12 expensive secrets, 12 trials of wedge-free existence with her, and I can't seem to make it work. Argh.
I have come to the conclusion that me and my ghetto bootster must part ways with Victoria (photo evidence below). What is a girl to do? Where do I start the quest for a new secret-sharer who won't have me picking at her all the day long? Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Ms. Victoria and I have never gotten along. I recommend Mr. Klein as a better source of comfortable wear although his styling is much more subtle and simple than others.

~ Janell

miss kristen said...

I'm a horrible friend. I took this picture, yet said nothing. As penance I am recommending Mr. The Loom. His boycut (spanky short looking) wear is a god send, and I rarely have to deal with these problems anymore.