Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

Did I really just type that as my subject? Cheesetastic.

I have wonderful friends who amazed and surprised me in many ways this past weekend. Seriously. The Best. Ever.

The celebration actually started on Wednesday when a friend more excited for my birthday than myself couldn't wait to bring me my gift - a ClearPlay! Edited movies galore, come to mama.

Friday I went into work for six hours and my co-workers had a beautiful presentation of my favorite brownies, a nice lunch, balloons and a gift card all ready for me.

Saturday night, my friend and former roommate, Katie, drove in from Logan to see my show and spend the night with me, providing breakfast Sunday morning on the balcony. Nothing like the joy of falling asleep while having quality conversation.

Sunday I arrived at church to be mysteriously greeted with wishes for a happy birthday from people who would never have just known, so I grew a little suspicious. I knew I hadn't talked much about it, posted anything on Facebook, nor did I mention anything on this blog since a month ago. Sure enough, Sunday night people started filing into my apartment. I hear there were several conspirators: 4-month roomie, mini-cake maker and Friends DVD bringer, perhaps? I love you all.

Monday morning I opened my package from my parents in Ohio- a diamond necklace in the shape of a star! They wrote that the necklace reminded them of how, growing up, I used to always say, "Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll end up among the stars." They are proud of how far I've come and called me their star:-) Giggle if you will. I did. They also sent a healthy check that I am very eager to contribute towards some selfish cause.

Every year since I have become un-obese I have opted to run five miles in under an hour on my birthday simply because I can. This year I wanted, more than anything, to run, but didn't know if I could/should because of my recent illness. A new digit at the front of one's age is a huge milestone and so is maintaining healthiness after all these years. I decided I'd try and if I felt my body object, I'd wait until Saturday. Mile one, not so bad. Two? Not bad. I ended up not feeling any grief at all until mile 3.5. I ended up finishing all five in under 50 minutes - not bad for a sicky who had to skip the gym 3 days last week! And all the running helped clear out my lungs! I headed straight to lunch with one of my besties at the bestest of places - Sweet Tomatoes.

I went home to recover from my run by sitting in my shiatsu chair and painting my toenails while watching the episode of Friends where they all turn thirty. After a petite nap and a quick trip to Roxberry, I headed to the theater to be surprised with the most precious birthday cupcakes, some Reese's and a theatrical, boisterous rendition of "Happy Birthday." I especially enjoyed the part where my director demanded to see my license because there was no way I was older than 23. And special thanks to my handsome Shoeless trio for practicing "picking up on me" a few times:-)

Then the icing on this scrumptious birthday cake - my fan club...Megan and Julie...wearing official fan club shirts with my photo silk-screened on the back. I laughed, I loved, I blushed:-) The entire cast couldn't stop talking about how great my friends are and I concur!

Speaking of casts and friends - the sprinkles on the cake were concluding my night with two of my "Birdies" (Bekah and J!) coming to my show and treating me to Leatherby's and delightful conversation.

My heart is filled with joy. I love you all. I have better friends than I deserve!

There are many more photos on Facebook - the below are just a sampling

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Happy belated birthday!