Monday, September 27, 2010

Raccoon Chase

Saturday night I found myself enthralled in conversation with some fellow cast members until 2:30am. I had similarly stayed out with a different group of cast members/other folks until 2:30am on Friday night and returned home around 3 in the most uneventful of manners.

But Saturday was different. I heard rustling in the bushes/tree area between the bridges leading to my building and another. My imagination ran amuck.

"That man hiding in the bushes sure is noisy. How am I going to defend myself?"

Then I see the dark shape rise from behind the power generator and stop at about 2.5 or 3 feet high. A familiar masked face from my youth leered at me. Then his littler buddy poked his head out of the front of the bushes. A masked coon is much better than a masked man and I know those boogers are more afraid of me than I am of them, so I breathed a sigh of relief and continued on my way.

Upon reaching the first part of my bridge I stopped to take a gander at my new friends. I love close encounters with nature. Big guy had made his way exactly opposite me on the neighboring bridge and stood on his hind legs again, equally enthralled with watching me.

Then it happened.

He took off back towards the generators and around onto my bridge. I echoed his sentiment and took off running the opposite direction. I stopped as I reached the landing on the opposite side of the bridge and looked back. There he was, standing...staring. As soon as he realized I stopped, he took off after me again. I hurled myself down the stairs faster than I ever thought possible. I also always wondered, if I were being chased, how quickly I could get into my apartment with all those nerves flying. Ends up I can manage pretty well. No rabies shots for me! (and when I said I want men chasing after me, this is not what I meant...)


miss kristen said...

*sigh* *pant* *giggle* thanks for giving a sickie a laugh.

Amy said...

Bahahhaha! Love it! my desire to see a real raccoon has been eliminated. thanks. :)