Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Facebook Letter Writers

Dear everyone who writes letters to non-human entities/concepts/illnesses, etc. on Facebook,

Knock if off!

I hate to tell you, but your cold isn't going to log in to Facebook. I'd be concerned for more than one reason if it did. And even then, it wouldn't listen to your woeful plea to leave you alone - viruses and bacteria love hanging out with us.

And the term paper? Yeah...if it responds to your complaint, I'd love to be the first in line for the movie rights.

But really - what is the point of all of these letters? They simply do not make any intelligible sense to me and the originality/creativity has long fallen to the wayside.


S.R. Braddy said...

Dear Larissa's Anger Which Has Been Evoked By Random Comments On An Internet Forum That Impacts The Real World In Which You And I Live Very Little If In Fact At All,



Larissa said...

Pft. I'm not angry. More amused. And baffled that people still think it is clever and creative and fresh and new and makes their entries more exciting by putting it in letter form. No anger. Amusement. And a slight feeling of superiority.