Friday, September 3, 2010

Working Girl

Thinking of my friend Sandy, whom I mentioned in the post prior to this, brought on a bought of reminiscing and the ear worm from Annie, "♩♪♫♬ dumb dog, why are you following me?♩♪♫♬ ." (Sandy, please don't hate me for never giving up taunting you with that song)
One summer evening, she and I sat in her house between the TV and her room after a late night X-Files rendezvous with Fox Mulder and Dana Scully talking about how we were going to grow up and be single powerful business ladies and live together. She now lives with her wonderful husband in a town in the middle of nowhere.
Love changes so much in our lives:-) Definitely worth it, but I find myself fighting my innermost desires - knowing I would follow the right man to the ends of the earth (as he would do for me), yet not wanting to let go of this wonderful life I have established as a single, independent woman.
I guess all I can say is what so many others have told me before - you'll know when the time has come and you will never question the decision.

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sandy said...

Aw, glad you're thinking of me! Those were simpler times, full of X-Files and trampolines and rollerblades and kitties and sleepovers :)

Ha ... yeah. You never know, indeed. I have to live in the middle of nowhere, but I still have a fulfilling job (and three months of vacation a year ain't bad either) so I can't complain. Oh yeah, and the husband. He's nice, too ;)

However, I still mourn the loss of the single-gal life sometimes. And that's natural, I think. And I would only follow my husband to the ends of the earth *because* I know he would do the same for me if the situation were reversed. For any independent-minded soul, that's key. And even knowing that, I've had days where I've been resentful. Not my proudest moments, but again, I think that's natural.

All this to say, I disagree with people who say you won't question a decision like that. If you're anything like me (and I think you are) you will. Especially given the rich, full life you've built. And that doesn't mean you don't love the guy. It just means you're human. I think it's only a problem if you find yourself *constantly* questioning.