Monday, September 13, 2010

I Got Reviewed!

Opening Night of Damn Yankees was this past Friday. *Gulp*

Yes, there were the typical opening night blunders, but overall I felt pretty pleased with what happened, especially considering where we were just 6 days beforehand. I would have loved another three weeks of rehearsal, but the schedule is set and you have to go with it.

Anyway, I feel like screaming, "They liked me! They really liked me!"

I found a review online this morning. Granted, the overall show review is not one I am particularly proud of, but I am proud of my individual performance review, and the fact that it was "surprising:"

"In a surprisingly stand-out performance was Larissa Villers as our nosy, investigative reporter Gloria Thorpe. This character has conviction, tenacity, sass, and skills. I never doubted her. She picked up the slack in the scenes she was in, and compensated for the other actors lack of conviction. I give Ms. Villers two thumbs,way up!"

Moments like this make all those hours of sweat and tears totally worth it! :-)

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Jon said...

WOOHOO!!!! That's an awesome review! Way to go Larissa!