Thursday, September 23, 2010


As an active person (although lusciously curvaceous, lots of meat still on these bones), I must look like the priest of the church o' Gym because I've received quite a few fitness confessionals. I've heard some doozies of excuses as to why an individual just cannot dedicate themselves to fitness at a certain time.

I have a friend, who will remain anonymous but his name starts with a 'B' and ends with an 'art' Seeley,' who often marvels at the workings of women's minds.

The question? If a woman says she knows the reason she feels crumby health-wise or the reason men aren't asking her out is because she isn't fit enough, why doesn't she simply make the necessary adjustments?

I echo his sentiment. I mean, yes, it is a very sad state the world has come to that we are superficial and desire to actually be physically attracted to a potential mate, but I digress.

He has watched me from the unhealthiest/least fit (clinically obese) point in my life through these past 6 years to the most fit point of my life. He has come to the conclusion that I have the right to speak out and tell ladies to kick their butts into gear and what the reasons for this or that are because I have actually been there - at both ends of the spectrum. I know how hard lifestyle changes can be.

A lot of women get into conversations with me about fitness because they know where I've come from or, if they don't, they see me attending the gym daily or eating mostly healthy (I talk more about yummy food than I actually eat it) or talking about some fitness thing I was doing.
They come to me for advice, and then give me excuses. I'd like to share with you some of the best.
1. Well, I am really unhealthy and know I need to get in shape more, but I've already had my wedding dress fitted and the wedding is in three months, so I better stay the same size.
- I am baffled. Wouldn't you want to look better for your wedding night? And unless you lost tons of weight, it wouldn't make too big of a difference with your dress
2. I want to eat healthier, but I don't like any fruits or vegetables. I don't like any baked (instead of fried) products. I guess since I don't like any of those foods, I'll just have to keep eating bad.
- And you think my passion for whole grains and veggie burgers happened over night?
3. I'm just too tired to exercise before work or after work.
- Did you know that exercise actually gives you more energy and helps you sleep better? You don't think I'm tired?
4. I don't have enough time.
- What, you can't watch "Biggest Loser" on the gym TVs instead of at home? "Gossip Girl" is more important than your health?
-Even when I am gone from 7:30am-11pm, I find a half hour at lunch break or somewhere - seriously, make it a priority and you will always find a way.
5. I just love sweets too much.
- So do I. I save one day per week where I can eat all the sweets I want and this gives me the will to make it through
6. A big part of my social life is going out to eat with friends.
-They don't have veggies at this place? Or Diet Coke? Eat before you go and just get a beverage or fruit plate - it's cheaper and healthier.


j said...

I really liked this. My Institute teacher said the other day that mortality is perfect because we get agency and we get time and you can clearly tell what we value by how we use our agency to choose what to do with our time.

If you are unhappy with not being healthy, do something about it. Either be healthy or be okay with being how you are. Either way is better than always feeling bad.

Jon said...

Amen! I actually bring my own snacks to restaurants when my friends want to go out to eat. I've never been told I had to leave my food outside, and almost everyone is supportive of the changes I'm making--which makes it so much easier to eat healthy.

I only know a handful of people who could reasonably argue that they are as busy or busier than you, Larissa. If you can find time for the gym, ANYONE can! Great post!

Amy said...

I just want to point out that yes, exercise gives you energy, but with me it didn't happen right away. It took a few weeks of consistent exercise to feel it. Loved this post. :)
p.s. I think you are amazing!