Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke

Align CenterI am in love. With the new Coke Freestyle.

I first encountered CF a few weeks ago at a MegaPlex theater. Not only did I get suckered into trying some of these 116 flavors, I ended up being so excited about it that a friend bought me the special refillable- for -$1 mug they offer (much better than the theater's usual $4 charge).

Last night I was leaving the Century 16 in Fort Union and witnessed a beautiful birth. There they were - two brand-spankin'-new Coke Freestyle's freshly delivered from the multiple Coke trucks outside. I almost jumped in the truck and made my accomplice take my photo.

I'm anticipating the day when these become the standard soda fountains. You can view locations here. I hope you enjoy Coke Freestyle as much as I do!


Kristie said...

Karl and I just saw one for the first time with Dixie and Dan at fro-yo in Sugarhouse. We were amazed! Diet Coke with Lime! I'm in heaven! They even have the sprite that tastes like Skittles!

Anna said...

I love these things with all my heart. I fell in love at Noodles in Co. in Sugarhouse.
Bless them.

Larissa said...

Kristie and Anna - at those locations can you do free refills while you are there?!? So you can try lots o' flavors? I may be making some Sugarhouse visits if so:-)

Kristie said...

I think you can. I didn't have any problems!