Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Take Me As I Am

I was having a heart-felt conversation the other night with a dear friend who recently ended a relationship.

The discussion was regarding how he loved 100% of the other. Of course he knew of plenty of flaws, but he loved even those because when you take them away, who knows what will replace those things, possibly eliminating what made that person whom you loved. He went on a tangent about how the United States government knows how to eradicate mosquitoes, but won't because they don't know what will replace them. Interesting concept.

This caused quite a deep reflection on my part.

As a perfectionist, I am constantly looking at ways to improve myself, thus constantly seeing ways others can improve themselves. I honestly don't feel I am being a "fault finder" - I simply see ways that will help a person be the best person they can be. And I don't understand when they won't take the necessary steps or find the motivation to consistently grow. But there's another problem. What I see is who I think is the best person they can be - not the best they feel they can be. Maybe they are doing all they can already and I am unaware. Motivation truly is a gift...a blessing...a skill.

What mosquitoes have I innocently suggested to eradicate in those I love because I see how it will improve them, yet I never consider how it will change their entire person? I struggle to find the balance in perception between supporting/inspiring a person to be the best they can and "eradicating mosquitoes."


Amy said...

Wow, I have truly never thought of it that way. Thank you. I love this post.

Krissy said...

What do I need to eradicate??