Thursday, May 19, 2011

Walk With Me

I want this dress  (Walk with me from Anthropologie) soooooooo bad!

The problem?   They don't sell it anymore! And ebay hasn't had my size* for the past month.  Even if they did, I couldn't rationalize forking over all the cash.  But still.

It would be cute on me, no?

*Size 6, depending - 26.5 - 27 inch waist


Janell said...

Larissa, that dress is totally doable for someone with sewing talent. The hardest parts of it is good fabric selection and perfect stripe matching. The easiest part is it's a basic dress shape with color blocking. I'm quite fond of that ruffled petticoat/slip myself.

Yeah, sourcing fabric of that print quality and matching those lines so precisely are definitely that hardest parts.

Sadly, my sewing isn't up to snuff. Especially since I came home with a florescent green fabric the other day. It looks adorable in the (now I realize poorly lit) store. Now? Oi.

Larissa said...

Oh that I knew someone who could make this and it not eat hours of their time and almost as much money as it would have cost to buy pre-made:-)
My older sis is actually a fabulous seamstress, but I feel too guilty to ever ask her to make me anything.
And I never even thought of someone making me something like this until you pointed it out, Janell. Yeah, I'm so not a sewer. I can do a button. Sometimes.

Unknown said...

We could TOTALLY make that!