Friday, May 20, 2011


I called my all-within-48-hours awkevents my "trifecta," but, alas, I realized I have a "fourfecta" on my hands for those 48 hours.


I had arrived at the location of "drop it like it's hot," because of an invite to unwind from my stressful day in a soothing, steamy hot tub (me and three dudes).  This was a new invitation for me, so I didn't really know where I was headed.  I followed Jon through a dark hallway and into a dark room.  He turned around and flashed this huge "this is going to be good" grin at me as he reached for the lights.

"Um, so this is the men's room.  You probably don't want to go hot tubbing in here."  Had I really just followed him right on in to the men's room?  *He turns the lights on* You bet your bottom dollar!

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