Friday, May 27, 2011

On the Radio

I know some amazing people who do some amazing things.  One of these amazing young ladies gave my information to a friend of hers and, before I knew it, *poof* I was being invited to come on the radio to be part of "Win-a-date Wednesday" with KBER Rock 101.1."

Some of you may be thinking, "Larissa, you are so not the KBER kinda girl."  Well, I actually have this as one of my car radio pre-sets and, well, their DJs are hilarious. Who would turn down a chance to see the inner workings of a radio station and meet Mick and Allen?  Not me!

What is "Win-a-date Wednesday?"  Basically, a gal comes in, they ask her questions about herself and then guys call in to be harassed interviewed to try to win a date with the lady.  The lady is actually under no obligation to call any of the contestants, which is why I was okay with the whole scheme.

I went in and pretty much made a fool of myself.  Which always makes for a better story.  Who goes into a hard rock station and, when asked about yourself, says, "I perform on stage.  Um.  I mean, musical theater."  Then they asked me to sing from "My Fair Lady."  On a ROCK station.  I respond, "Well that isn't exactly your target audience..."  Then I sing for like 8 seconds anyway.  Oy.  I did get to plug my new show for a second, that's good news.

"What do you like in a man, Larissa?" Well, I like a man with a good head.  On his shoulders.  A good head on his shoulders!"  Yeah, everyone got a laugh out of that one.

"What age range do you prefer?  26-35?  And you are 30?  Doesn't that make you a cougar?"
"Well, actually, I looked up the definition of "cougar" last night and it is a woman in her prime dating someone at least 15 years younger, so I'm safe.  Not a cougar.  I'd have to go to the high schools to qualify."  Why?  For the love!  On public radio even! 

When I wasn't busy embarrassing myself, I had a blast.  Some of the highlights:
  • They told me I reminded them of Amy Adams from Enchanted - even my singing voice
  • After I left the station I was listening to them and they kept commenting on how tiny I am and calling me sweet, tiny Larissa.  I love being tiny and sweet!
  • The men who called in were hilarious.  Number one couldn't think of what natural disaster he would be and described himself as Robert Downey, Jr.  Hmm...what era we talking here?  Drug addict era?  He actually seemed pretty sweet and said he wouldn't pick a natural disaster because they are all bad and cause destruction and he didn't want to be any of them.  He said he's an outdoorsman who is into physical activity, etc.
  • The second man who called in was a softball player and an outdoorsy type who described himself as Brett Favre.  Apparently dude 1 and dude 2 both had facial hair.  Anyway, the hosts went nuts all over what part of him exactly resembled Brett Favre (kudos to those who get this reference).  But when asked if he could take me anywhere in the world for breakfast lunch and dinner then where would he take me, he said he'd stay right here.  Boo!  I love to travel! 
  • So who did I pick?  Number two.  Why?  Well, he talked more.  Number one sounded sweeter and more genuine, but I do not like the awkwardness that *might* come along with non-talkers.  Neither of the guys were tops in creativeness, but I guess that's what I get for saying first that I liked athletic men.
  • The third man called in well after the segment time and begged the hosts to give me his number anyway because I would like him because he's a personal trainer.  Nevermind the fact that he is 14 years older.  So not into that. 
  • They mentioned maybe doing a "flash mob" on the local "train to the North Pole" for the children in need come Christmas time.  I would love to help work with them on this and they challenged me to do just that.  Here's to hoping that comes to fruition.  
So there you have it - my experience as a radio star for 30 minutes.  Questions?


S.R. Braddy said...

You totally DO sound like Amy Adams! said...

Oh my gosh Larissa! You totally crack me awkwardorable. Tee-hee!

Anna said...

I agree, you are tiny and cute.
How fun?!