Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am a curvy girl.

I lift weights like a mad woman six days per week. If I flex for you, you may run screaming like a little school girl. I even had one man I dated tell me that I should stop working out my legs because my leg muscles were quite large and hard. In my last show, the costumer told me my biceps were bigger than most of the men in the cast. Awkward.

But when I'm not flexing or working out? I just look quite curvy and soft. I have all the confidence in the world because I know what's going on under that soft exterior. And really, my arms are so big cause the muscles in 'em are so big...I'm not just a fat-armed freak - I promise!

I just think, "Wow...I'm only a buck twenty five or so (depending on the last time Ben & Jerry were visiting), but I just look so is this?"

I'd rather be feminine than all chiseled looking. No one wants one of those body builder "ladies." But I am baffled that there really isn't much of me to be so...voluptuous.

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S.R. Braddy said...

Well, who in the cast was going to have bigger arms than you? Me, the former anorexic? Hayden? DALLON?!