Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Cessation

When is it diplomatic to cease the playing of Christmas music?

I'm of the opinion that date is December 31.  Dayton International Airport clearly agrees with me, as evidenced by their playing of Christmas music over the speakers this very morning.  Way to be, Ohio!

What do you think?


miss kristen said...

I am usually so sick of it by the time the 26th rolls around I am grateful the radio stations have stopped playing it.

With that said I won't begrudge anyone who listens or plays it until the 31.

Julie said...

Maverik Gas Station also agrees with you. It kind of threw me off. I think there should be an official turn off the lights event, just like lighting them is a big deal, turning them off should be too. I'm starting a committee for next year.

Jon said...

I'm with Julie on this. I'd actually love it if we made a bigger deal out of turning on lights on Black Friday and turning them off the first Friday (or Saturday, if Christmas falls on Friday) after Christmas. Make the event such a big deal that it seems unnatural for someone to argue otherwise.