Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Week

Last week was quite good to me.

I don't talk about work much, as my professional life stays in the office, but I have been getting a tremendous amount of work accomplished.  *Drum roll* I received a salary increase!  Not too common these days and helps me feel a lot more confident in my abilities.  I already felt very confident in my work, but knowing your superiors recognize that is icing on the cake.  Perhaps not the best analogy since I don't like cake, but the point is made.  We also received a gift of a Christmas bonus - hooray for being able to go through Christmas with all-cash transactions! 

I was able to journey to downtown SLC to see the Temple Square Christmas lights, which I haven't seen in several years.  And I didn't have to drive - double good time.
I spent a great evening in with my friend/temporary roommate just chatting, having dinner, and watching TV (something I have rarely done the past eight months).  Which leads to...

My sanctuary (condo) is my own once again. I love my dear friend who needed a place to stay for a few months, actually I love her a ton, but I also very much love having my own big girl place.  Three cheers to walking around in my short, fuzzy robe whilst covered in a face mask and not worrying.

1940s Radio Hour closed.  This isn't a good thing, but I did finish this great accomplishment of a show - probably my best work so far.  

I found a friend to house-sit/cat-sit/plant-sit/check mail for me.  I feel like a much better kitty-momma knowing someone will be around to give her snuggles and attention other than the once-daily checker.

I took a nap.  Maybe some of you are as unfamiliar with this term as I am.

I was gifted some fabulous Christmas stockings and a poinsettia. 

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