Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Drive-Thru Greetings

I frequent one particular fast-food establishment that is literally in my daytime gym's parking lot and has 150-calorie meal food. 

They always greet me with, "How are you today?"

I answer, and then I wait.  And wait.

Almost never do they ask me what I want to order.  I guess they just assume that "How are you today?" translates to, "May I take your order?"

I don't want to respond to "How are you today?" with, "Two fresco taco's."  That's just silly.

Sometimes I start to order because I've figured out this little trick of theirs and they cut me off, asking me to wait.  Sometimes they actually do ask what I want.

More often than not though, I sit there in ordering anxiety silence.

1 comment:

Katie Robertson said...

That happens to me at Del Taco all the time. Drives me nuts!