Monday, December 20, 2010

Receiving Line Comments: 1940s Radio Hour

At the close of every show, I like to share some of the more humorous or touching things people have said to me as they are exiting the theater.
  • "Boy, Ginger, you twirl that baton like no one I've ever seen."
  • " moly."
  • Elderly lady in a very whispered voice, "You were my favorite.  You are so cute.  I've gotta learn to shake my hips like that."  Then she just kept giggling and telling me great job.
  • "Ginger Brooks is bringing sexy back."
  • "Man, I really want an Eskimo Pie now."
  • I say, "Thank you for coming to the show!"  The young man pulls me close and says, "No, no...Thank you."
  • "You did a little too well."
  • "Sexy Larissa is one of my new favorite things."
  • "It was hot.  The ice cream melted;-)"
  • "Woowwweee." (Larry, our drummer from "Nunsense")
  • "All the little girls around me wanted to be the girl in the red dress."
  • "What a range, huh?  You go from home town girl, to 'How sexy can I possibly be on stage?'"  
  • "You all should go perform in Yellowstone."  (?)
  • "The way you look at him during "Baby, It's Cold Outside," is the way every man dreams a woman will look at him."


S.R. Braddy said...

My comments made the list! Woo-hoo!

Mena said...

You have always been good at scandalous and sexy- at least as long as I've known you! I learned some good looks from you.