Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dreams: More Sharks

More shark dreams last night.
I was on the lower level of a dock, parallel with the turbulent water.  We were next to a more shallow area, but there were two sharks feeding nearby.  The littler, about 8-foot, one kept swimming close and some folks warned each other (and me) to stay back a couple steps, so he couldn't slide up and nibble.  He came close to us a few times, but none of the mystified observers were in any kind of danger.  The larger shark was, well, mammoth.  His grandeur took my breath away as he would come up out of the water and snag a morsel.
I'm typically petrified, nay mortified, of sharks.  But in this dream I had this sense of awe while watching the magnificent beast.

That's it.  Nothing dramatic happened, nothing out-of-the-ordinary....except this may be the first shark dream I've had that wasn't disturbing.  Exhilarating and adrenalin-pumping, but not frightening.

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