Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trust Your Gut

Have you ever known the outcome of a situation well before it happens or have just known you are, without logical reason, supposed to do one thing instead of the other?  

I received a bit of news last week, and made another decision, contrary to my wants.  If I were making the road map for my life, these directions would not be includedYet I knew bit one before I received the news and I know the other decision is right even though I will not see the consequences of my choice for a couple of months to come.

How do I know?

I decided to trust my gut and not second guess myself.   Even though some could construe these bits as negative, I'm ridiculously excited.


I can trust my gut even when it isn't exactly the outcome I'd prefer!

Neither of the things I'm mentioning are in reference to romantical interludes, just to give that lil disclaimer to Nosy McNosersons.  I learned a couple of years ago that when a certain feeling hits my gut in romantic situations (in spite of my heart and my head), the relationship will soon come to a close - even if nothing up to that point would indicate anything but progression.  I appreciate having that little heads up for the ole ticker.

But trusting my gut in every day life situations?  Hot dog!  This is a new experience for me and it is pretty darned cool!

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Willem said...

Yep, that's a lot how my life works , i only realize sometimes years later why i did something romantic or otherwise.
I recently got some unbelievable news about someone i used to live that was quite secretive and in my heart i knew what was happening but just choose to ignore it. But at the same time subconsciously making decisions with information i didn't know... crazy.
Trusting yourself ... sometimes hard