Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Marrying the Whole Country is Presidential

I listen almost exclusively to KSL news radio.  I know, I know - I am soooo boring.  But when I turn the dial and hear some fake singing Kesha crap, well, I'm not inclined to turn back. 

With all of the political hullabaloo going on regarding the presidential candidates, I find myself wondering:

How does one man make an entire country happy?  Heck, one man has to work his tail off to make one woman happy in a marriage...and half of those end in divorce.  Being president is like trying to woo and marry an entire country.  There is no way! 

Also, in a marriage, don't you continue to progress and learn about each other and then change your view points based on that growth?  If your spouse has a good argument for a certain point, you may change your mind.  So what is the big deal about a candidate changing his/her mind as new information comes to light?   Like the rest of us have never changed our minds before?   Isn't "what is best for the country" or "the marriage" in constant flux?   Last I checked, 80-year old's were not worried about changing their children's diapers and the country is no longer worried about the nazi regime.

Let's face the cold, hard facts here - the presidential candidates themselves are not making decisions alone - there is a legion of opinion and intelligence (or lack thereof) behind everything that happens.  Why are so many of us putting the blame on one individual?

I'm not a very political person and am probably a bit too detached, but I dare say there are way too many ridiculously stubborn people out there who are looking for any material they can find worthy of picking a fight.  We all need to recognize that what may be best for me, may not be best for the relationship of the whole country.

To the next President, I say, "Good luck with the marriage.  Have fun with the divorce in 4-8 years."


miss kristen said...

Yes people pick fights, but the problem I have with this whole system right now is this: I feel the candidates are changing once they get into office not because their views have been changed by a strong argument, but rather STAYING in office.

They are too worried about the lobbyists, the picket padders, and Big Companies than the people who put them in office to begin with.

Not to mention they are willing to take bones from those who are starving to throw to others who are starving more and completely ignoring the fact they aren't making any cuts that affect THEMSELVES as well as the aforementioned.

miss kristen said...