Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Christian Mingle

During my time with Gym yesteryday, something happened that made my jaw literally drop.  And stay that way for thirty seconds.


This commercial:

Um.  Wow.


Miss Megan said...

"Find God's match for you..."

Um, wow. I can't decide if this is brilliant or offensive. No wonder your jaw dropped!

Larissa said...

I KNOW!!! My favorite line is: "Sometimes we wait for God to make the next move when God is saying it's your time to act," and they are totally implying that God wants them to join for free now and find God's match for them. Holy Canoli. Priceless.

Miss Megan said...

Yeah, more than a little manipulative and condescending. Subtlety is NOT overrated, nor is it used here!

miss kristen said...

I agree-although my jaw didn't drop. I just laughed. Hard.

I didn't know finding God's match for me was just a click away!!

Gotta love the pirahnas feeding on the insecure single folk.

Janell said...

Zero reaction on my part. I guess I've seen that particular commercial and so many others like it that I've never really processed them. Well, that, and that sort of commercial sounds like echos of a Veggie Tales episode - minus the singing and proselyting vegetables.

Melinda said...

Ha ha! I love that you saw it and then went home to find it so you could post it on here! So funny!

Vanessa Swenson said...

aaaaaaand, I just saw this on failblog. Christian Mingle's keeping it holy real.