Monday, August 15, 2011

Texting Oops

Another great conversation via text last week:

"Did you know Cleveland OH is the second highest area for the most snowfall in the US?"

"Nope. So I got a new phone and didn't transfer my contacts to share to whom I am texting?"

"Who is the dancer you have been talking with the last few days?  Can't believe you deleted my number:-)"

"JH!  I didn't delete ANYONE:-)  I simply didn't transfer over my contacts so I only have the numbers of those who contact me.  Selfish, yet effective."

" many guys are you dating now Riss?  You must be dancing with different guys every night!  I wonder how effective your system really is now:-)"

"Uh oh...ummm...dancing...BALLROOM!  TH!"

"That is a much better guess."



miss kristen said...

Nice to know your system has kersploded... :)

Larissa said...

Lest you think me a playa, I'm not dating either of the fellas mentioned in this post...don't know why he even came to that conclusion, actually, which made it all the more funny.