Friday, August 5, 2011

I Could be Vengeful

This morning I was thinking about all of the tidbits people have told me over the years.

I'm not just talking tidbits from dear friends.

Something about me must scream, "TRUST ME!" because I have had people tell me things that a stranger probably should not be told upon a first meeting. 

I thought about how I could be manipulative - use this thing about me to get people to tell me things.  And then I have ammunition.  I could do anything I wanted with this information.  I could share their secrets.  I have enough information that could ruin some people.

But would I ever?  NO.

The thought alone makes me feel darkness and evil.

I feel something akin to what I feel when I look at the blue summer skies while watching the cotton clouds roll by when I think of the love I have for all of these people who, for no reason, have loved me enough to trust me.  When I think of my desire to know them and help their lives be better in some small way even if that is just one of my stupid puns. 

I could be vengeful.  But then that wouldn't be me, would it? 

It has been far too long since I laid in the summer grass with a loved one and discussed the shapes we see in the clouds.  Anyone wanna?


Dashbo's no-brainer math for right-brained folk. said...

that sounds great! I just got done with school for the summer so I could use some grass to lie in whilst imagining I see a duck.

miss kristen said...

Being a tidbit sharer, I'm grateful you are more secure than Fort Knox.

I'll cloud gaze with ya any day. :)