Friday, August 19, 2011


An unknown ferocious-looking flying insect invaded my peaceful balcony whilst I basked in the glow of the sun and enjoyed some light reading on Sunday morning.

The creature was winged and looked like it might sting, yet it was not a bee or a traditional looking wasp/hornet, but I'd like to side with wasp.  Anyway...Stinger kept flying under my bench and I would watch it bring a stick, fly away, bring back a stick, fly away, etc.  All the while, I hoped I didn't soon feel a stinging in my bum.  I looked under me and couldn't figure out what it was doing with the sticks.  Then I found two tiny holes in each side of my bench and realized that both holes on one side were stuffed with sticks.

I waited for the little stowaway to leave and covered the holes with some tape.  I then watched Stinger fly repeatedly into the tape.  I needed a weapon more fierce than this creature's creepiness and stinger.  Broom!  Swing!  Mission accomplished. Here is where you imagine the hilarious site of me standing guard with a postitioned-ready-to-swing broom, lurking behind Stinger, calculating the precise moment of attack.

When I came home from church, I looked to make sure the tape was still there.  Yep, and so was an as-of-yet unseen creature on the inside trying to get out.  Eew.

Taped holes and the guard cat on the lookout

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Janell said...

ACK! Google Reader gave me a post about an audition you've been doing... and then it got eatten. Good luck!