Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Reason to Blog

Why do I blog?
Lots of reasons! But here is one:
Potential suitors can read my blog and find the answers to all of their questions regarding how to handle me in a relationship or how to handle me not in a relationship. Someone recently utilized this resource and knew how to best communicate with me. Now everyone is happy, all catastrophes averted, and no feelings injured!
See, blogging = good!
I should make my blog required reading for any man before I agree to a date...hmmm....


S.R. Braddy said...

I almost... ALMOST... left a comment that consisted of just a single "lol" here. Because I actually did.

Laugh, that is. And out loud at that.

Jon said...

So, you encourage internet stalking? Most people think that's creepy.

Kristie said...

Karl read my blog without me knowing as a wrote about our awesome dates and my twitterpatedness.

I secretly hoped that he would.

Good boy. Haha.

Larissa said...

@Hobbes - It is funny, laugh it up!

@Jon - you are the only one who stalks me, just let it go Baby, let it go, you'll find another woman as amazing as me someday. ha ha...jk, naturally.

@ Kristie - I just like that I've laid out for all to see what I do or do not want in relationships and a man can see that and gauge accurately if we have something good to offer each is pretty nice cause then there is not a lot of gray area! I don't yet have the guts to blog about being twitterpated in specifics. I'm still pretty general about everything. Maybe someday I won't be...we'll see;-)