Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You Smell Good

I think men greatly underestimate the power of a good cologne. I'm not talking the overpowering power - a light spritz can set a female into a frenzy, too much sends us to the Excedrin. I feel like a man is trying to do a little extra something special when he tries to smell good for me - even if it is just Old Spice deodorant or being freshly showered or wearing freshly laundered clothes. I'd actually prefer the three aforementioned items to a man wearing a weird cologne...cause not all cologne is good. Men, ask a lady friend to go shopping for some with you or tell you her favorites for you to try. Better yet, go to Sephora. Those ladies are geniuses.

On that note, I think men appreciate a good-smelling woman too. Granted, with all of our froo-froo anti-bacterial hand washes and shampoos and lip balms, we are more inclined towards smelling delectable without the aid of a spritz.

As proof, I would like to thank the following young men for confirming my theory and telling me I smelled good on Sunday: Jon, Chris, Blake, Todd, David, Logan, Rich, and Kelly.
And I'd particularly like to thank Blake and Logan, who couldn't even carry on a conversation because they were so distracted by my "Pink Sugar." Silly go buy some for your girlfriends.


Kristie said...

Karl always wore Jean Paul Gaultier cologne when we were first dating. Now he wears it on fancy dates and I love it. I get butterflies again and feel like everything is new. :)

It's the same for him when I wear Lucky.

Jon said...

I don't know what it is about that perfume - it gets me every time.

Dashbo said...

Old spice deodorant, just showered and freshly laundered is MY scent! Thanks for the compliments

Unknown said...

you do smell good! i need some of that stuff. its on my christmas list. Guys love when you smell like food!