Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pranks and Giggle Fits

I had a giggle fit last night if ever I've had one.

One of those fits where you can't even get the story out and the people listening start busting up laughing as well - not at the story, but at you. One of those fits where you feel alive.

I thought about the story again this afternoon and had another good giggle session - all by myself in my car. Hm.

A few years ago, Target offered a wake-up call service to ensure you didn't miss their Black Friday sales. You had to register online and then confirm by calling in from the phone you registered.

I love a good prank. Hard. Naturally, since I lived with my lil sissy at the time, I registered her for all three days of post-Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza wake-up calls. I even selected the voice of a sweet little old grandma - the one she'd least likely hang up on and most likely believe.

Oh I go giggling again.

The day after Thanksgiving she comes wandering out of her room at some late afternoon hour, sleepies in her eyes, "I got the strangest call this morning at 5 am. Some little old lady wanted me to shop at Target..."

Saturday afternoon, "Dude, that little old lady called me at 5 am again today."

Sunday rolled around and she's ready for it this time. She was coherent enough to listen to the whole thing, and kept asking me, "Why does this little old lady keep calling me to shop at Target?" There was more detail about how exactly the lady greeted her and the funny words she used, but there is tragedy in this comedy because I don't remember and a Google search failed me.

She was baffled. She wondered how long the calls would last, and I'd say was almost disappointed when they stopped.

About a year later, I said to Sis, "Remember when that old lady kept calling you to shop at Target last year?"
Her eyes brightened as she got all excited and reiterated her confusion about the mysterious caller.

I confessed.


I wish Target would offer the wake-up calls again. I'm spending Thanksgiving with The Squirt and would find so much joy from pulling this off a second time.


Bekah said...

I love this. I wish they did it this year too. I would try my hand at the genious prank...

love you girl.

Unknown said...

That is amazing. I laughed SO hard!!