Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm Proud of You

One of our jobs in life, I feel, is to make things better.

I believe the same with parenting - we have experienced and watched what our own parents have done and are now equipped with the knowledge to hopefully do just as well, if not better, with our own children.

One of the attributes my parents have that I hope to always, always apply in my life - whether I have children of my own or am simply an influence - is to let them know I am proud of them.

My parents are the best at this! I can recall countless situations when I went to my father in tears about something and all he would do is thoughtfully listen, then respond, "Riss, I'm proud of you for telling me," or, "Riss, I'm proud of the decision you made."

I have always been one of those people who punishes myself more than anyone else ever could. My parents know this and know, more than a punishment, I need encouragement. And they always give that to me.

I cannot begin to fathom how much the world would be a different place if we were all constantly strengthened with the knowledge that our parents are proud of us.

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Audra said...

I think our parents must've planned this parenting strategy together:) Definitely makes a child feel loved.