Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dreams: Broadway Theater

I dreamt last night I was in a theater buying tickets to a show, but somehow ended up with "Promises, Promises." Which was fine, but I wanted to see "Memphis."

I told the people in the lobby about the three-minute-earlier error and they giggled and said they'd take care of me.

Meanwhile, two friends showed up (anonymous in this dream) and we were able to venture to the rafters of the theater because the stage door was open. While following them, I saw a person/ghost. Not sure how I knew it was a ghost, but I did.

I ran back down to the lobby and asked the folks there if the theater was haunted, to which they replied in the affirmative.

I woke up before I could finish freaking out about the ghost, yet was still more disgruntled about having tickets to the wrong show.

Yes, I am excited about my upcoming trip to NYC. Yes, I just bought a ticket to "Memphis."


S.R. Braddy said...

I dreamed last night that I was a master of drunken boxing who had to beat the snot out of some 8-year-old art student for being too snobby.

Chism said...

Crossing my fingers that Deja Vu doesn't happen.

Perhaps these anonymous friends where people you stand next to in line. I find that it's easy to create small friendships with people when waiting in line.

Are you planning on seeing Spider-man?

Larissa said...

@Stephen - Wow. Wow. No words.
@Brett - Oh yeah, I have tickets for Spider-Man, Elf, and Memphis. I'm planning on seeing Next to Normal as well, but can't decide if I should buy the $50 ticket now, or wait until TKTS and get the good seat for $67 or whatever it is.

Krissy said...

When are you going?

Jon said...

Brett and I won the Next to Normal lottery and got to see it front row! Okay, maybe not the best seats, considering how the set is designed, but still...
And if I remember correctly, they had other discount tickets available to those who didn't win the lottery. It was either the tickets that didn't get sold at TKTS, or so many student seats that didn't get sold. Something to consider.

Chism said...

You have good taste. Your theatre choices definitely match mine. Can't wait to hear your reviews!

Not sure if this recent article helps with Next to Normal or not: