Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am not a snuggle ho. A man must earn snuggle privileges and I'm pretty particular.

That being said, lately I would like nothing more than to just be held.

I have lots of man friends who give me abundant squeezes that tide me over until someone earns the rights to be my snuggle buddy. I'm pretty soft and huggy:-)
(Gals - Girl hugs are perfectly acceptable, but do not try to girl snuggle me - that makes me extremely uncomfortable)

I've also got my little purring tiny tiger who loves me to carry her around and hold her and let her sit on my lap or curl into the nook of my arm.

But there is nothing like a warm, masculine human embrace. Nothing like the electricity in someone's touch and the comfort of being held in someone's arms - the rest of the world vanishes. The bonus of my being particular is that I know, once I do have someone, he'd rather be nowhere else than holding me. *sigh* *double sigh*


S.R. Braddy said...

Man, you know what sucks? When you're feeling like crap, and you really want a hug, but you feel sick, so you don't want to hug anyone - which would make YOU feel better, but them feel worse.

Of course, then there are those OTHER hugging issues:

Larissa said...

Ah yes...when I am sick I come down with "Ijustwannabehelditis" - which I will blog about at a future time. Last time I was sick, the man I was dating stayed with me from 8am-10pm and held me the whole time, even gave me a blessing and let me sleep on him after we went to instacare. *sigh*

Heidi said...

*triple sigh* *sniffle* *wipe away tear* *give me a moment*
Well put Larissa.