Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Man or Woman

I went on a date once.  Don't be shocked.

We were walking down an enchanting little street in an enchanting little neighborhood when all of that splendor was interrupted by some raucous punk teenagers.  You know how it goes.

Then, I hear this: "Is that a man or a woman?  DUDE, check it out."

My date was in the midst of a story, so he, luckily, didn't hear a thing or let on.  Good thing cause my inner cougar wanted to turn around and pounce the snot outta that kid.

I am, quite clearly, a woman.  The only other person around at that time was my date.  My sweet, kind date.

I understand people amusing themselves like this, as I'm guilty.  Heck, I've even referred to myself as a "mean girl" several times the past few days.  But my date.  He seemed secure enough in his masculinity, but he was a tender soul and I know that comment would have devastated him. I'm sure some lil blonde chick up in punk teenager's grill would have made the kid all the more amused, so I refrained.   But so help me, so help me, no one will talk about my friends like that without a good lecture next time.  Hey, I may talk big about pouncing and claws and what-not, but I was a Public Relations graduate after all, I know how to give a sweetheart verbal lashing before they know what hit 'em...and they'd even thank me in the end. 

Have any outlandish things happened to you on dates?

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