Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vegetarian Etiquette

I've been asked one question many times, "Are you a vegetarian?"

No, I am not.  Hamburgers and filet mignons and chicken fajitas hold too dear a place in my belly.  But I do have a problem with suspicious meat.  One jugular in my piece of chicken and I can eat no more.  One piece of gristle in my steak and I have to fight the urge to keep that cow down.  Good meat is an expensive endeavor, so I end up with veggie meals more often than not.  In fact, I shop at Target cause they have the best, least expensive vegan selections.  I'm weird.

I was once out to dinner with four people and the two males, ironically, were the vegetarians.  I found myself faced with a dilemma - to meat or not to meat?

What is the protocol on this one?  Can you eat meat when you are with vegetarians?  It almost feels disrespectful if you do.

I ended up ordering chicken and feeling guilty the whole time.  What's a girl to do?


S.R. Braddy said...

That dog looks DELICIOUS.

MamaHintze said...

I have a vegan sister married to a not-vegan. One year, when I spent a week with them at their apartment in Mexico, after a particularly delicious meat-filled dinner, I asked her how she seasoned the meat so well. She replied that she seasons it the way she would her tofu. She chooses to be vegan and allows us our own choices. No guilt involved. Go for the meat.