Saturday, September 17, 2011

ATTENTION Male Readers


You like them, right?

See, I've long said that if I were a man, I'd like me a curvy woman.  I cannot describe how attractive a healthy woman is, someone who glows inside out because she is healthy and happy.  We have, especially as of late, seen report after report saying men would prefer someone slightly overweight versus slightly underweight. 

Like in this photo below, you can see the firm, rounded muscles under Beyonce's skin.  I find this so much more attractive than skin on bone even if you can see the tiny muscles.

So, what I want to know is, is this true?  Men, what do you think?

Feel free to comment anonymously.


Anonymous said...

Well...personally I'm not too picky either way, but yeah, curves are definitely an asset in my opinion.

miss kristen said...

I'm not a man, but I'll comment on Mr. Wonderful's behalf since we have had this discussion a time or two.

He loves a woman with curves. He has been known to say things like "There's such a thing as too skinny", "I don't want to worry that I'm going to break her if I give her a hug", and my personal favorite, "I love that you have curves in all the right places."

Anonymous said...

I've always been more attracted to skinny girls. To me, a low body fat % is more than a fair trade for a lack of assets. Now, if she has a low body fat and still has curves, dang!

Anonymous said...

Question back at body fat guy.

I'm only curious. . . How does a body fat % translate to good looking to you? Are you going off the % or the figure?

jeff said...

I don't have a specific "type," but more often than not the girls I'm attracted to are closer to Beyonce than to her friend there.

I'm also attracted to redheads more often than any other hair color. Please do a post on that, and include pictures of redheads.

Aaron said...

I'm more interested in how a woman got the body she's got.

If she's a little curvier but it's because she's toned and fit, then it's all good. If she's more on the thin side because she's a hardcore runner, then that works, too.

But overall I agree that curves are vastly better than the skin-and-bones look.

Dashbo's no-brainer math for right-brained folk. said...

Here is a little math inequality for you:
caterpillar curves < no curves < hourglass curves

Jon said...

Answer to other anonymous guy:

A lower body fat % means a greater chance that the curves I'm seeing are due to muscle - definitely more attractive to look at than fat. There's a reason you see girls lifting weights at the gym - it works.

Kiddoni said...

Curves. Always Curves.

I'll point to several examples if necessary.

Willem said...

All women are awesome, no matter what shape!
Curves are nice though.

Nancy said...

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