Friday, September 16, 2011

Tuck in Your Skirt

Yesterday afternoon during lunch break, I ran to visit Gym for half my workout because of my jam-packed post-work schedule.

After, I stood in front of the mirror in the locker room, trying to make myself look presentable again.  I tousled my hair, washed off my face, slung my gym bag over my shoulder, and then noticed a breeze. 

Somehow my skirt had become tucked into my unders in the perfect fashion to cover the necessities, butt barely.

One, I don't know how this happens.

Two, WHY didn't any of the ladies who walked by say anything?!

I am a firm advocate of telling a lady her bum is hanging out.  I realize a small percentage may actually be intending to do this, but most are not.  Friend or foe, comrade or stranger, you say something.

Do you?


Kristie said...

I will always tell someone if their skirt is up, if there is something in their teeth, if they dropped something. I would want anyone to do the same for me.

Miss Megan said...

I'm with Kristie -- I'll tell someone. Better to tell someone and face their embarrassed annoyance, then let them get home and realize they've looked ridiculous all evening and no one said anything. Really, the latter is just CRUEL!

Teresa said...

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