Friday, June 17, 2011

My Dream House

You know how you all have dreams from childhood that just never seem to leave you?

I want my future home to have secret passageways, hidden rooms, tunnels, the works!

Would that be awesome?!


Shayla said...

My friend had stairs in one of their cupboards that led down to a secret playroom! It was the coolest thing. Ever. said...

The house we originally put an offer on in February had a bookcase in the hallway that opened up to reveal a staircase to the attic!!

Mel said...

I've never been in a house with a secret passage. So long as it was really well lit and preferably not with flame torches, (because you know perfectly well that every flickering shadow is a ghost) I'd love to have my very own secret passage to my own private library.

I think that's what they call "Crying for the moon" though. Any property with a secret passage, well-lit or otherwise, is going to have a crazy house valuation on top of it.