Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mormon Dressing Faux Pas

There is a predicament in LDS culture.

Actually, this applies to the world of all men who wear shorts and all women who wear skirts.  I guess I just notice it more amongst my LDS friends since modesty is strongly emphasized.

Let's call this the "Peek-a-boo-predicament." 

This happens when a man forgets he is wearing really loose shorts and sits in a way in which you can see straight up those shorts to whatever type of under-clothing he happens to be wearing.  I suppose underclothing is better than no underclothing, but I still don't want to see it.

Girls are just as guilty.  Ladies, when you are wearing a knee-length skirt and you cross your legs at the knee, this lifts up your skirt and we can see up to your thigh and often to your skivvies.  Sitting classroom style, this is not an issue.  If, however, you are sitting in front of a congregation, in a circle or similar situation, London and France come to mind.  You can resolve your flashing woes by simply crossing your legs at the ankle instead of the knee. Or you can utilize my fail-safe and wear stretchy shorts under all your dresses. You are welcome.


j said...

I was hoping that by "showing my religion" when I wear shorts that I might avoid the TSA-esque "RM Feel Up" I just can't win! :)

Larissa said...

Ha! J, you are a funny one indeed! You definitely got me to chuckle,like, for REAL, not just a typed LOL. :-)