Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Free Pizza

When I was a co-ed at BYU, I had a young man cancel our plans for the evening because he had been informed of an opportunity for a free slice or two of pizza.

Yes, this young man had actively been engaged in pursuing me for a few weeks.

The kicker?  He thought bringing over a half-dead flower he picked out of someone else's landscaping would make up for his lame sauce drenched behavior. 

Newsflash - no woman wants to be less important than a slice of free pizza.  Ever. 


Miss Megan said...

Okay, THAT is hilarious! Could he not take you and get you a slice, too?

S.R. Braddy said...

Maybe that's my problem. I rank pizza just higher than women on my list of needs and just lower than living in the comfort of my mom's unfinished basement.

Abby (Diligent Joy) said...

Ha ha ha ha. Only at BYU. I love it. Was he going to a fireside?

Larissa said...

Ha ha ha - you would think! It was actually a summer sales presentation - which also fits right in at BYU, eh? :-)