Thursday, June 2, 2011

28 Dresses

If dressaholics anonymous existed, I would need to be a member.

Eh, not really.  The thing is, my closet was busting at the seams (I am well-versed regarding the effects of finding a screaming deal -under $10- on eBay). I didn't really know what was in the herd of fabric and my tastes have taken a detour towards more classic styles.  Time to purge.  But you know how you get attached to clothes?  "Oh I wore this on my trip to Hawaii."  Or, "I remember buying this one with so-and-so and we giggled all night and got it for 75% off!"  I knew I needed help with what I was about to try to conquer.  I decided to call in the reinforcements.

Jon and Melissa agreed to be the heartless sayers of, "Oh no, honey, this has got to go."  We made an impromptu decision to have at it after their improv show last night .  I brought along another friend and so did J&M. The troops were ready for battle.

Ladies, I highly recommend you get a man or three to help you clean out your closet, as you will never be left wondering whether or not something should adorn your body.  I also recommend you have a theater person there to stop you from donating away some great costuming numbers. 

They were really good at saying just the thing to make me ditch the dress.  Some of the more amusing comments of the evening:
"Sea urchins."
"That looks straight out of my grandma's closet.  Or like 1982."
Melissa: "That one looks like lingerie."  Silent pause.  All three men: "Keep it!"
"Too show choir." 
"Well, you'll look like a Geisha girl, but the boys like it, so whatever."  
"Keep that one for a murder mystery party.  You could be Mrs. Peacock!" 
Jon: "No offense, but...well...think about it...that dress is bright green and you are really short and...well..." Melissa: "You could wear it for St. Patrick's Day!" 
"I love to purge!"

I then got some bags and made them dump the discarded dresses for donating without letting me look.

When all was said and done, we got rid of 28 dresses.  I feel pretty pleased with those results.  And pretty pleased that I just may have the most fantastic friends ever on the planet.


j said...

Is there something I'm missing about being short and wearing a bright green dress?

Anyway, congrats! I'm due for a closet cleaning myself. Can totally relate to have sentimental attachment to clothing.

Larissa said...

Well...if you want to find the pot of gold or if you want a lucky charm, yes there is something you are missing about being short and wearing green.

Unknown said...

HYSTERICAL! I love how I was literally torn up about the idea that you wouldn't be keeping some of those lovely items for future costumes. I am glad you kept them...someday I will have a house with a costume closet and I will take them off your hands! :)

The night was a huge eye opener for me to watch what the boys were deciding to throw away and keep... so awesome and SO entertaining! We really should do my closet next. Though I am afraid they would just ask me to get rid of it all. sigh.

miss kristen said...

Five dollars?!

I guess that's what you get for being a size 4 and ADORABLE.

Shayla said...

I couldn't figure out who the bottom picture was. Time for jon to get that pageant over with...