Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gone to Waist

Some of you may remember my heart attack caused by this little situation.

Would you believe it happened again?

Monday night I teased our costumer that she could take my measurements on one condition - she didn't let me see the results.  As much talk as I give, I still haven't permanently taken off those five pounds I have gained since November and I didn't need additional discouragement.  I accidentally looked down at the paper and saw something that made my head spin before I realized I was looking.

I hesitated  - I didn't want to be disrespectful to her, she is amazing, but there was no way I'd gained four inches in my waist...I hoped.  

"Um...are you sure you measured my waist?  You measured up here (I pointed to my upper ribcage - think right where the bra band goes under the bust)."  Maybe the costumes were empire waist, then the ribcage measurement would make perfect sense, but I've never had a costumer not measure my natural waist. 

She let me know that she measures the smallest part of the waist. "Oh, well that's actually down here for me (pointing to my natural waist)."  She is such a doll and kindly re-measured while letting me know it is difficult because each person is different and I was wearing a loose gym shirt.   Whew.  The new number was the same number as last August - relief!

Why do I blog this - do I think you all actually care?  No.  In fact, I think some of you probably want to hit me upside the head because you don't understand how someone who is not overweight can have such huge issues.  I don't understand it either, I just know it is there.  And anyone would be concerned about a 4-inch increase.

I do think that my theater friends will find it humorous that these unfortunate waist measurements keep happening to me.  Could you imagine my costume coming back two days before open with a waist 4-10 inches too big?  Oy!

2 comments: said...

They took my measurements for "Annie" so that they could custom-make a dress for me. When it was done, it looked HORRIBLE on me, and didn't flatter my figure in the least. They ended up just buying me a dress at the DI instead, and it fit and looked perfect.

Miss Megan said...

I went back and read that Damn Yankees post, and YIKES! Ten inches is a big deal, and so is 4! I'm glad you said something, 'cause that would have been more than a bit scary. You're the star. Of COURSE you want to look good!