Monday, June 6, 2011

My First Date

You all have consistently pleaded for more dating stories and I, looking over my recent posts, have done a great job of avoiding that topic.

I've dug up the archives to provide for you.

What are the archives?

I may or may not have kept record of all of my dates.  Sounds peculiar, I know, but you know when you are 80 you will be jelly-cat and want a list just like mine.  So shush.

Journey back in time with me to December 23rd-ish 1997 - my first date.  The funny thing is, in LDS culture, a "date" doesn't necessarily mean the person is interested in romantically pursuing you, especially prior to the man having gone on a mission from the ages of 19-21.  My best guy pal at the time, 18-year old Mikey T, took it upon himself to invite me on a double date over Christmas break.

Back track.  Mikey T was one of those guys every girl wanted - the jock, the intellect, the musician, the performer.  Yes, he had it all.  Including me as a best pal.  He'd show up to my high school for lunch sometimes and girls would almost swarm me asking for his number.  Guy pals reading, don't worry, I don't give in.   Mikey eventually ended up attending Senior Prom with me, which is a cute little tale in and of itself.  He always told me my job was to keep him humble and to approve of his future wife before he could marry her...and I did:-) 

So, Mikey asks me and I say yes.  The problem? Two hours of driving.  And eating.  Why is that a problem?  I had had my wisdom teeth removed two days prior.

I can't remember much about the date.  I do remember:
  • Playing Outburst and talking faster than I have ever talked
  • Mike laughing and laughing and laughing at me because he'd never seen me that way
  • Ordering mashed potatoes at Friendly's because I couldn't eat anything else
  • Feeling deliriously happy...and it had nothing to do with the company and everything to do with whatever pain medication I'd taken
  • Being very grateful for having such an amazing friend whom I could spend time with totally being myself..or..umm...a prescription-enhanced, chipmunk-cheeked version of myself
Pretty anti-climactic, I know, but aren't most first dates?

And now you know I was 17.5 before I got to go on my first date.  I can only blame myself.  I was too involved with gymnastics team, baton team, show choir, twirling for football games, scholastic endeavors, etc.  And now you know I was drugged on my first date;-)

Kristy, Mikey T, and me on my back porch in Ohio for some bonfire/activity in September 1997 - we three even all had a joint b-day party a few weeks later


Kristie said...

Friendly's is still my favorite ice cream place ever. There's one down the street from my parent's house and I go at least twice every time I visit. :)

miss kristen said...

I kind-of wish I had had the wisdom to keep a date journal...I've been on some doozies.

Even half drugged up your first date was better than mine...maybe I'll blog about it one day...maybe.

Miss Megan said...

I also wish I had kept a date-journal. Then when people ask what my worst or best date is, maybe I could tell them!

I'm sad that you were so sick on your first date, but at least your recollections are good ones! And I LOVE the photo! You are so cute and little! Glad your first date was a memorable one with a good friend :-)