Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 Dating Do's & Don't s

Dating Do's
  1. Do the "pick me up and spin me around" hugs.  I Love them.  A lot.  Most girls become filled with a fiery rage when this happens.  But me?  Sucker.  (Be careful of the fine line -preliminary spin-hugs will result in your new status of Creepy McCreeperson)
  2. Do discover and read my blog.  If a date acknowledges something I wrote, I feel it shows he goes above and beyond, ya know?  But do make sure I know you aren't a stalker before mentioning your blog-stalking skills. (and I have this notion that a potential suitor could formulate a great date idea from some of my posts)
  3. Do at least pretend to like my little Conor kitty - if you win her heart, you win mine.
  4. Do smell nice/look nice.  I don't care if it is your Old Spice deodorant or cologne or a fresh shower, just have good hygiene and clean, date-appropriate clothing.
  5. Do actually ask me on a date.  If you don't ask, I don't know if we are hanging out or on a date.  I may decline a "hang out" if I already have plans instead of rearranging my schedule to attempt to accommodate your awesome request.  I also won't get the clue you are interested if it isn't an actual date...I can be pretty dense like that sometimes. 

    Dating Don't s
    1. Don't be late for a date!  It is a very important date.
    2. Don't make zero effort to open a door.  Yes, I know I am capable of opening my own door, but I am a sucker for chivalry, it makes me feel special, and I feel it is significant to display he shows respect and is willing to serve.  Opening doors is one of those things that distinguishes between a date and a regular day out with a buddy.  But truthfully, most of my buddies open doors for women all the time.
    3. Don't not plan the framework for the evening.  I am fine with choosing the restaurant - but give me some narrowed-down options.  If you are on a budget and need to just walk around the mall, have some goal/objective/activity in mind.  I like to see you can plan and take charge in life.
    4. Don't complain about your money situation if you have none.  So not attractive on so many levels.   Likewise, Don't brag about your money situation if you have some.  If a woman doesn't like you for you, then, well, you don't want her to like you.
    5. Don't air all your past grievances - I am not your priest and do not need to be confessed to.  
    *Bonus Don't: Don't worry!  I'm pretty easily amused and love getting to know people, so just be yourself:-)
      What are some of your Dating Do's and Don't s?


        j said...

        For clarification, when a guy asks you to do something, what distinguishes "a date" from "a hang out"? Do the words "take you out" or "go out" or something like that need to be used? Would "Hey, would you like to do X sometime?" not qualify as a date?

        Just curious.

        Larissa said...

        Well, I think you know when you see it.
        If a guy says, "Hey some of us are doing X." Or, "Hey, my roommates and I are doing X, would you like to come?" Or, "Hey, I'm watching a movie, right now, you should come." Those aren't date suggestions to me.

        If think there are some indicative date words, but, again...most of the time I know a date invite when it comes...
        Some words:
        "With Me"
        "Will you go to X with me"
        "We are doing a double date and..."

        Does that make sense?
        If you invite me to a movie night at your house, I don't take that to be a date unless you use the word date, but if you ask me to go to a movie with you, just the two of us, I'm typically pretty certain it is a date.

        j said...

        Ok. Just wanted to make sure there wasn't some magical combination of words that I was forgetting to use with the girls I ask out. :)

        Ru said...

        I only like it when people read my blog if they admit to it AFTER we've gone out a few times. When someone brings it up on a first date, I get reeeeeal uncomfortable, like they have all these preconceived notions about who I am based on internet rants. But if I've already gotten to know someone a little and then they tell me the read the ole blog (even if they happened to read it before the first date), it's endearing.

        Shayla said...

        Don't take me to a family reunion on our first date.

        Unknown said...

        Two topics of conversation so not cool for a first date. Neither person should speak of a previous significant other. These topics are fine for hanging out, never for a first date. I don't care how well/long you've known each other, first dates are about the person you ARE with, not the people you've been with. These topics may be just fine for a second date, but not a first.
        Second topic not allowed on a first date: Ladies, do not mention your "time of the month". Most of you would never do this, especially on a first date, but there are many women who are far too cavalier with this information. Don't do it!

        Miss Megan said...

        Don't spend the entire time firing questions at me. I feel egotistical doing all the talking and I want to know about YOU, too!

        Don't tell me that something I just told you I love is stupid (yeah, that's happened more than once).

        Do accept compliments. You may be insecure, but I said yes to the date, so there must be something I like about you!

        Do follow all the rules that Larissa set down. She knows what she's talking about.