Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Path not-so-Wise and no London

I believe I failed to mention that I am unemployed.
I have been since the first of October.
What happened?
My company decided to reorganize to facilitate growth. We were small and scattered all over the country. They decided to put all of the product development, etc. people in the same areas as the person in charge of coordinating those projects. My job was product development and all of those folks were to go to the middle-of-nowhere in Ohio. You may be thinking, "Ohio?!?" Yes, my homestate. So why not? Well, the main man there was none other than the man that had been so verbally "abusive" earlier in the year that I had had to tape record our conversations. Also, there was the looming threat of social isolation. The company was fully aware I would not make that move and sacrifice.
I have been wanting a change of scenery since about March or April, so it all is working out for the better. AND since they released me through no fault of my own and did not hire anyone to replace me, I have been eligible to collect unemployment. Which, as most of you probably don't know, is NOT government funded - it is an insurance your employer pays quarterly. It isn't much, but it is getting me by until I find a job that will finally make me happy!!!
Where am I looking? ANYWHERE!!!

And what is this about London? Brit is no longer headed there. She has decided to stay in Utah for her job here until at least May. I may be selfish, ok, I AM selfish, but I am reallllllly glad to have my little Brit the Crit around for a little longer. I wonder how long I'll be around though...

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