Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Declared Disaster Area

After Mom lost a lot of weight, she went crazy with her elatement of buying new clothes. The past few years things have accumulated, and it resulted in this:
five entire closets full to the brim with clothing - unworn, worn, tagged, untagged, out-of-style, totally hip. You name it, it was in there; including 3 pairs of very shiny, very bright spandex. Ouch. You want a shirt replicating the American Flag? You got it! How about a corduroy tie-dye vest? You got it! You want an identical pashmina wrap or pashmina sweater in 27 different colors? Oh, we can provide.
I took everything out of the closets and covered the living room. My name is Larissa and organizing is my specialty! After donating eight bags of clothing and two bags of shoes to Goodwill, I am proud to say my mother is down to two full closets and 2 half closets. Still a little much, I know, but we have come so far!

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