Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Biker Man

When I was in Saint George, Utah beginning my adventure to California/Las Vegas, I encountered a most unusual specimen whom I will call "Biker Man."
Biker Man pulled up to the gas pump across from me, yelling, "ERRRRRRR!" Then proclaiming, "That's the sound my brakes would make if I had brakes! HA HA!" He was definitely amused with himself and I must say I echoed that sentiment. The man was on his BICYCLE!
Attached to his bike was a little container that looked like it could have held gas, but upon examining the two-wheeled chariot of Sir Crazy, I noticed there was no other mechanism on the bike that would have made it run off of gas in any way.
I must have appeared bemused as I washed my windows. Biker Man yelled, "I need to wash my windows too! Oh wait, I don't have any! HA!"
He mumbled some other funny stuff (boy do I wish I had this encounter recorded) while heading into the gas station to do who knows what (thankfully he didn't hold up the place).
Upon his return, I suppose he was still under the illusion he needed to trick us all into believing he was in a car instead of a bike. As he pulled away, he yelled, "VROOM VROOM! HA HA HA!"
I have no idea what that man was on, but I want some!

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