Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Decapitated Ratatouille

My mom is in town for Thanksgiving. My sissy is staying with her friend Michelle and Michelle's 13-year old daughter, Emily. Emily has a hamster. Emily also has a cat. Britney has a cat. All three sleep in Emily's room where my mom is sleeping for the duration of her visit. Is anyone covering their mouth and saying, "OH NO!" yet?

Saturday night my mom was up all night to the sound of a screaming mouse. She explained to me she thought the cats were doing their job. Around 6am the screams finally subsided. In the morning, my mom found the decapitated "mouse" saturated in a pool of blood, and placed it in a plastic baggy, and took it out to Michelle. Mom said, "Uh, Michelle, did you know you have a mouse?"
Michelle's response, "OH NO! That's Emily's hamster!"

Keep in mind, my mom was totally ok with all of this when she thought the rodent was a mouse. After Michelle's revelation my mom explained to me, "I will be haunted by the screams of that poor hamster for the rest of my life."

How would poor Mickey feel about all of this?

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