Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Two adults, and one....?

When I was in Ohio, my dad took my mom and I out for dinner. As the waitress was seating us, she handed my parents their menus, then stooped down so she was eye level with me, examined my soul (or just my face, but it was intense), and asked, "Do you need a children's menu?"
I used to be so offended when people asked me this that I would exclaim, "I'm 22!" Or whatever age I happened to be. I was so shocked, however, I couldn't do anything except choke out, "No..."
I mean, I could understand if the children's menu were for 18 and under, but this was for 12 and under, people! I am 27!


Vanessa Swenson said...

Short people always get that, I bet. Shortness must equal eternal youth. You should've said yes because sometimes the kid's menu has got some of the best stuff ever.

Janell said...

Gosh, I'd take the kid's menu simply because the portions and prices are smaller.