Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Turkey Hiking CATastrophe

This Saturday I participated in what has to be one of the most monstrous games Provo folks have created - Turkey bowling. Oh yes, we take an uncooked Turkey and huck it down a plastic "lane" at some bowling pins. I guess it is a pretty good way to tenderize the meat, but talk about the threat for germs -ew. I do need to take a moment to brag about the strike I got - oh yeah! No gutter ball (or should I say butter ball) for me!
After that interesting activity, which perhaps we should all participate in at least once in our lives, I went for a short 4-hour hike with my dearest male friend. We saw some deer, I fell 4 times, and marveled at how surreal the fall foilage seemed from above. I still am struck with awe when I realize we can entirely escape from civilization with a mere two-hour hike up. Walking back down the mountain almost seems like a moment of defeat, a moment to return to reality.
I jumped in the shower as soon as I got home, then ran a friend to urgent care. Once her sister arrived, I went straight to pick up another friend who was the bomb diggity enough to treat me to dinner and a movie. 'B'eware of "B movie." It really isn't as great as a Seinfeld lover would think.
Monday morning I was uploading some photos online for my mom. I had also promised to take my friend's dog out while said friend (the same one from urgent care coincidentally) was at work. I left my sister's computer on to continue uploading while I left for about 15 minutes. When I returned I found the laptop dangling from the stand I had perched it on. My cat had knocked it over and totally destroyed the screen. After bawling for awhile (dumb, I know) thinking about how I was using her laptop because I need one and how I am unemployed and can't afford this, etc, my dad returned my phone call to let me know the screen replacement warranty isn't up until the 26th of this month. WHEW! Not only that, he is a stud muffin enough to send his laptop out to Utah for us to use until Brit's is fixed. More Hallelujah chorus!


Erika said...

I miss the Provo days. I can't think that I could get anyone around here to willingly thow turkeys. Wait, maybe if I find my drunk friends...

Teresa said...

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